Shrink Wrap For Industrial and Manufacturing

Manufacturers generate a slew of diverse products that come in all types of different shapes and sizes. For those producing large machinery, they face the challenge of properly storing and transporting the product without inflicting damage.

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How It Works:

Shrink wrap is applied and shrunk using a propane fired heat tool; shrinking it tightly and fully encasing the piece of machinery.

We examine the object and look for areas that may need padding, protection from chafing, or need insulation against extreme heat. Then, determine how far down the cover will go and the method for securing the shrink wrap at the object’s base. Our innovative strapping systems allows for easy attachment. The product can also be fully encapsulated which allows the underside of machinery to be protected.

The Shrink DR advantage:

• Completely weatherproof
• No chafing
• Ventilation to eliminate moisture
• Zipper-access doors available
• Cost effective

Manufacturers want their products looking pristine and functioning correctly upon delivery. With all the hazards that come with the shipping process, shrink wrap minimizes the possibility of damage more effectively than other methods such as tarps. Protecting your goods through shrink wrap is an investment. With the myriad ways something is capable of receiving damage during the storage and shipment process, protecting it is a matter of loss prevention. Protecting your product is protecting your reputation and business.

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